Thursday, May 3, 2007

Members & what they do.

What members do:
Most members of the CCC have full time jobs. They are essentially volunteers who beleive that they have something positive and practical to contribute towards addressing climate change. They also agree that climate change cannot be addressed only at the 'top' or policy making level - it needs to be a 'bottom up' process. Members try to explore ideas which if implemented would create awareness & also stand a chance of surviving in the market. There are no rules. A lot of dialogue & ideas are explored & some of them come out looking very promising.

Who can be a member?
Anyone. From anywhere. If you're already in the process of working on ideas or projects related to the environment elsewhere in the world, we'd love to hear about them. You can email us (use the link on the right) and we'll publish your doings. If you'd only like to comment on what we've published without becomming directly involved, we welcome that too. All you have to do is leave a comment. Comments are published after moderation.

Below is a growing list of CCC members:

Joe Popp: A favorite amongst the young folks that work with him, Joe has not yet been known to get in anyone's hair. He has an unnaturally high threshold of tolerance & would have made a great peace negotiator if he hadn't been an Architect. He took to the CCC idea early on & is always willing to be part of where it goes.

Manasi Kashyap: Manasi complains a lot. Especially about how much people waste. She would love to be known as a tree hugging vegetarian but eats way too much meat for that to become possible. She trained as an architect but has a horrible weakness for yarn, making her a noisy loom-weaver in her spare hours.

Steve Breslin: Steve's defining moment in life arrived when he was mistakenly labelled "Dr Steve Breslin" at a science & technology conference attended by many PhD persons. He still hangs the label outside his office door. Steve's knowledge about labs & scientists is surpassed only by his love for walking around barefoot. He's an architect and also (we think) an engineer. Steve isn't afraid to explore brave new ideas even if they smell funny.

Bill Jackson: often bikes to work. He studied at Texas A&M University & is a 3D visualization wizard. People quickly learn to be good to Bill or he morphs their faces into laughable jokes and puts them somewhere where everyone can see them. He was the first CCC member-recruit who didn't give Manasi the "you're nuts!" look.

Venkatachalam Plachikkat: also known as Chalam tends to think that architects should leave everyone the hel* alone. He might be gradually changing that point of view. He studied to be an electrical engineer but is happy living in the world of finance. He devours, on an average, 6 movies a week - most of them foreign films and also likes eating pitted prunes.

And growing...

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