Monday, May 7, 2007

"Regulating" impact. GreenSTAT the smart green regulator.

Your comments on the design ideas below are welcome. Please click on the image for a larger view.

GreenStat– is the concept sketch of a climate control regulator/thermostat that consists of an analog display of emissions & dollars spent (or saved) directly tied to the temperature settings of the house.
The display would make it possible for residents to monitor in real time the impact their use of heating/cooling has on both the environment & their wallets.
Armed with such pertinent data, users are less likely to be careless about the settings of their thermostats & better able to gauge environmental impact while monitoring air-conditioning costs.

How will “GreenStat” work?
The regulator could be programmed specifically to individual residences or work-places by gathering temperature data in real time from sensors placed in separate rooms & plugging in current costs of heating/cooling. Data related to emissions, produced due to heating/cooling and location on the globe would also be tied in.

Why a climate control regulator?
The building industry is one of the largest polluters in the world. Energy used for indoors heating/cooling generates millions of tons emissions every year. So far control of energy use for indoor temperature regulation has been largely controlled by the product itself or building management.
De-centralizing the point of temperature regulation and allowing individual users to make informed decisions about the use of energy & it’s environmental/monitory impact could stand to affect the building industry is a very positive way by reducing emissions.

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