Monday, June 4, 2007

Local Law 86, the Green Building Standards Law

Quote from Mayor's Office of Operation:

"Background: Local Law 86, the Green Building Standards Law, became effective on January I, 2007. The law is designed to reduce New York City's electricity consumption, air pollution and water use, as well as improve occupant health and worker productivity through the use of green building standards in certain capital projects. Executive Order 97 of 2006 authorizes the Director of the Office of Environmental Coordination (OEC) to exercise the Mayor's duties for the implementation of the law, including rulemaking, administering exemptions, monitoring compliance, publishing findings on other proposed standards, and taking all actions necessary to implement and administer the law. Mayoral rules implementing the provisions of Local Law 86 have been promulgated. Local Law 86, EO 97 and the rules can be downloaded from OEC's website at
Applicability and Requirements: Local Law 86 applies to certain city-owned or city-funded building construction or renovation projects, with the exception of residential and industrial projects, that begin design after January I, 2007. Projects in design before January I, 2007 may also be subject to the law unless final design was approved by the Office of Management and Budget through the issuance of a Certificate to Proceed or City capital dollars were received from the City treasury before January I, 2007.Capital projects of entities that are not City agencies are not subject to Local Law 86 unless 50% or more or $10 million or more of the estimated project costs are paid out of the City treasury."
Local Law 86 is available to be viewed at

Thanks to P.V. Anantharam for this information!

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