Tuesday, June 26, 2007

Noteworthy News

Putting Energy Hogs in the Home on a Strict Low-Power Diet - LARRY MAGID
An eye opener for all those who think they couldn't possibly be more energy conscious.

Suggested by Chloe
Of potential use to: everyone.

Green Recycling Network
"Green Recycling Network offers an innovative system to improve efficiency and financial results for large facility owners while simultaneously contributing toward a cleaner environment. We are a collaboration of companies that recycle materials used during the deconstruction phase of renovations."

Suggested by by Tim Morton
Of potential use to Architects, Contractors, home/business owners.

Headwaters Technology Innovation Receives Highest Environmental Award Given In The US - from njchamber.com

Suggested by Manasi Kashyap
Of potential use to: Institutions gunning for green innovations, green innovators.

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