Wednesday, August 22, 2007

TV shows about Climate Change & us.

Meghan G from says:

"On the topic of global warming and the climate I thought I would share that NPR and National Geographic have teamed up to do a year long series called Climate Connections. They are looking at how we are affecting the climate and more importantly and mostly overlooked by other media outlets, how the climate is affecting us. Great stories from all over the world that really make you think." Links:

Thanks Meghan!

Clara - One of Seven

Click on the bold link below to read the story of Clara, a determined African woman who brought clean energy to her District.
Clara is a shining example of entrepreneurs who brave odds to make a living & a positive social impact at the same time.

One of Seven

The story is from the E+Co website E+Co invests in entrepreneurs working with clean energy all over the world. I read about them in the book "The Fortune at the Bottom of the pyramid" by CK Prahalad.

Thanks for reading!

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Tuesday, August 21, 2007

Noteworthy people & websites out to make a positive impact

Recommended by Chloe F. who says:
"For $0.10 cents per day they will stop 75-90% of junk mail that comes to you, and they will plant 10 trees"

Recommended by Chloe F.
"BETTER WORLD SHOPPER is a site dedicated to providing people with a comprehensive, up-to-date, reliable account of the social and environmental responsibility of every company on the planet AND making it available in practical forms that individuals can use in their everyday lives. Coming out of more than 5 years of intensive research, this work is based on a comprehensive database of over 1000 companies and utilizes 25+ reliable sources of data to cover everything from the environment to human rights, community development to animal protection.+ = from the website

Recommended by Miriam who says:

"Here's a great article on why we ought to give up our bottled water habit.

Battling Bottled Water
San Francisco is cracking down on the sale of single-serving plastic water bottles. Mayor Gavin Newsom speaks out on why he's leading the charge."